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This is a good use for all the bits of veg that fall to the bottom of your veg basket.

As usual left over and damaged veg was used for this weeks soup. It was vibrant and tasty.

Paired with the fresh aroma of wild garlic, new potatoes make a wonderfully savoury soup.

This recipe is a nod to the impending Spring and can be updated or changed as the seasons change.

Wild garlic is one of those plants that you will often come across on a woodland walk. The flowers are very pretty, with small white petals, and the aroma is unmistakably of garlic.

Wild garlic and cheese omlette

Toss this into hot pasta, swirl it into a vegetable soup, use on bruschetta or crostini, or serve with roast veg.

Wild Garlic Dressing. A quick idea to jazz up your dinner with wild garlic.

Wild garlic pesto

Spring has finally sprung, time to enjoy this light pasta dish by @_mikeeats

This is a delicately delicious soup with spring onion and fresh wild garlic.

Anna Hansen's vibrant wild garlic soup recipe combines a host of spring flavours, with new potatoes adding a silky richness.


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